History Part II

Sketch Diary

With the four subordinate palaces in place, a summon went out to all the newly initiated Princesses of the

Oklahoma Jurisdiction to assemble on January 28, 1989, Camelot Hotel, Tulsa, Oklahoma for the purpose of organizing a Grand Guild. It was decided that this grand body would bear the name of "Glorietta F. Duncan Heroines of the Templar Crusade in honor of the Late Ms. Glorietta F. Duncan who had given many years of loyal and dedicated service to this Oklahoma Prince Hall family as its first lady, wife of the late Grand Master Herman E. Duncan. This auspicious group was consecrated by the Most Worshipful Grand Master Dr. Deary Vaughn. The leadership was entrusted into the hands of the following individuals.

Grand Princess Captain Esther P. Vaughn

Grand Royal Advisor Anthony Bowens

Deputy Grand Princess Captian Callie Stubblefield

Grand First Lieutenant Anna Johnson

Grand Second Lieutenant Neonetta Miller

Grand Commisssary Patricia Aikens

Grand Assistant Commissary Leta Judy Grayson

Grand Treasurer Dorothy Cooper

Grand Financial Secretary Myrtle Scott

Grand Corresponding Secretary Sadie Barrett

Grand Recording Secretary Christine Wiley

Grand Chaplin Ella Louise Hawkins

Grand Marshall Elsie Thornton

Today 20 years later, Glorietta F. Duncan Grand Guild Heroines of Templars Crusade is still moving forward.

The four (4) palaces have been joined by eight (8) others.

The First "12"

Wyletta Adams, Patricia Aikens*, Dorothy Cooper, LaHoma Fulsom, Leta Judy Grayson, Anna M. Johnson

Erma Jean johnson, Annie C. Kirk, Neonetta Miller* Carolyn Pendarvis, Christine Pollard and Hattie Oliver.


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